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MyLot is a social platform wherein you can earn money by sharing your thoughts. There are different topics related to different fields. People can engage in discussions under different topics. You can choose your interests and can participate in discussions related to that. It is similar to Yahoo Answers. But here in myLot, we are paid for our opinions and expertise. They pay us to encourage us to actively participate in discussions and use the site for seeking answers.

earn money from discussions

Not only through discussions you can earn money but myLot offers Tasks to get paid more. You can browse through the available tasks and complete tasks of your choice. Tasks may range from writing paragraphs or articles on a topic, posting at forums, commenting at various sites, data entry, following different social media sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest, taking part in contests and lot more tasks.

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Apart from these, you can promote your blog/website through myLot. You can submit your blog and after successful verification through the methods stated by myLot, your blog will be added. While posting discussions, other members can check your profile and see your blog. It will hence get more traffic to your blog.

Well, I have shown you the platform to make money. Now, it's your Turn to Join myLot and be active in Discussions, do various Tasks and even Promote your Blog.

Click Here and Join myLot.

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